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PiXYZ 2018.3.1.4 doesn't work at runtime

How to reproduce:

Just build the sample scene ImportOnPlay

I have checked the include in builds for runtime support.

Tested on:

Unity 2018.3.0f2 (64-bit)

(5.62 MB)

Hello Harsh, my colleague Olivier answered your questions the other day. See his answers and help below.

One setting needs to be changed in your code : 



This doesn't work

I think this is due the the licence not getting validated via exe(/build). I am currenlty able to load models in Unity Editor but not via the Build!

I figured out that for the build, it was not validating the licence installed. It was not letting me sign in for online use. It doesn't want to take my offline licence copy and there is no feedback at all! 

Something like, "Licence is Invalid" as an error or just normal logs would be more effective. On clicking on the CAD Import, it should not only ask for the address of model, it should let us know the licence status as well.

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