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Performance issue when manipulating the product structure tree


I feel my workflow in Pixyz is heavily hindered by the terrible performance I have in the interface. Graphics performance is great, nothing to complain on there, even on heavy models with 40 000 + occurences and 8 million triangles. 

However, If I select a single piece and delete it, I will have to wait for 15 seconds before it's done. The console reports 0.051 s command execution time but judge by this video, Interface freezes and I will have to wait 15 s until the piece dissapears and I can return to whatever I was doing. It is obviously very had be productive working like this. 

Is there something wrong here? 

[2019/12/06 12:42:58] executing command scene.deleteSelection
[2019/12/06 12:42:58] Command execution time : 0.051 s

 Video screengrab:


The team is working on the viewer update optimization. For now, they managed to divide by two the update time, and will continue to work on it.

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I select a subset of the scene, and isolate it. That however, does not remedy the time taken to delete a part, it seems it still has to consider all the 40000 occurences.


I tried removing patches for the subset and then delete, did not go quicker.


I then tried removing patches for the full scene, and that took the time from 11 to about 3-4 seconds on occcurence deletion. Still a hickup in workflow but better. However, I need the patches so that I can remove holes etc. 

Could you also try to delete the model patches? (MESH menu)

Tell us if it increases your performances.

ah, that was my suspicion. I'll try to add model product structure optimization first in my pipeline. 

Hello Bjorn,

First of all, thanks for the video!

The latency comes from the number of parts. Each time a part is deleted, the viewer has to update, and the more parts you have the more time it takes!

40K parts is quite a lot, could you try to optimize your model product structure first?

I'll create an internal ticket to investigate how we can optimize this process time and also check if we can include the viewer update time in the total process time of the function.

Best Regards,

Nicolas Marcadet

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