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Invalid License

Hello! I downloaded the Studio trial this evening. Upon downloading and installing, I went into the License manager to create a license. 

I entered my account information correctly and a license was created. I exited out and began to import a model. Upon importing the model, I got an error message stating that the license period was invalid. I went back into the license manager and it now said "license: invalid"

I then proceeded to reset the license through the 'undo' procedure mentioned on the license page of the user account. 

However, after downloading the license, uploading it to the website, and so forth, the software still does not recognize the updated license. 

Is there a way to fix this, or did I happen to miss a step perhaps? Thank you! 

I have same problem how to fix this? 


License installation failure can be caused by multiple reasons:

  • No admin rights
  • Virtual environments
  • VPN
  • ...

If you encounter any, please file a ticket or send an email to And please join all the log files at "C:/Users/USERNAME/AppData/Roaming/PiXYZproduct/".

In the meantime I extended both your licenses guys. Sorry for all the troubles.



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