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How to edit the mesh directly?

Is there a way to edit(modify?) the mesh directly in PiXYZ?

(like as 'place node', 'modify hole & washers', 'swap edges', 'node & element optimize', 'smooth', 'drag tria element', 'split & combine', 'split/collapse elemenet')

Hello Pyounghwa, 

We do have some functions to remove holes, split or merge meshes, decimate them. You can find the list of all accessible functions in the documentation.



Hello Nicolas,

I already know that link. But the link doesn't explain in detail what I want.. I would like step by step instructions like a tutorial. What I want to know is how to significantly reduce the number of polygons while while keeping the geometry quality when exporting CAD data to FBX. I would like to know how to do it in PiXYZ, whether using shaders, modifying the mesh itself or etc (e.g. decimate).


Plz Call me 'Peace' (cuz, Pyounghwa in Korean means 'Peace')

Best Regards,

Thank you.

Hello Peace,

I know they are a bit old, but we do have some video tutorials on our Youtube channel.

We are working on getting them updated ;)



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