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Part Shape Patch Information


I would like to know where the patch information for a component is stored and how can i access it ? I couldn't find much information about this in the API documentation. 

There is a model we imported into pixyz that has some material information in it where a single part shape contains a list of materials. I used the listPartSubMaterials function to access the list of material id's assigned on the part shape. But I would like to have an idea on how many patches in that part shape has each of those materials assigned to it.  (I mean I would like to have access to the property name ex: 14 patches, 20 patches and so on that has materials) . I'm writing a simple script within pixyz so it would be nice if there is a way I can have access to these details. 

Thanks a lot for your help

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Hi Arjun,

For now there is something  missing in the API to get this information. Maybe we can find a workaround in the meantime... What would you like to achieve with this information?



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