Preliminary information

This page is mainly for Pixyz users and/or IT who are new to FLEXnet Server and set it up for the first time. Flexnet server is a floating license manager server that will allow a wide range of Pixyz users to access a license within the company network.

If you are just renewing your contract, or already familiar with Flexlm tools, you can update your license tokens and obtain a new license file directly from your Pixyz license portal: 

In case of trouble, please reach out to your Unity account manager (or ultimately

If you are already using FlexLM or Flexnet to manage other software, you can use your existing server(s) to host and manage Pixyz licenses.

Flexnet/FlexLM server requirements

Select a computer to host your Flexnet server & license manager. 

  • Stable machine that doesn't require frequent reboot. It can be either a server or workstation.
  • Operation system supports Windows Server 2019, 2016, 2012 (both 32 & 64-bit).
  • Operation system supports Linux : Debian 9 or 10 and most Linux distributions
  • Low network traffic
  • Minimum recommended system RAM is 64 MB.
  • All potential Pixyz computers can connect to it. Communication between the FLEXnet license server and the Pixyz concurrent network members is by TCP/IP networking protocols. By default, the following TCP ports have to be opened:  27000, 26999 and 80.

Download and deploy Flexnet license manager on aserver

Deploy Pixyz license server 

DOWNLOAD LINK for Flexnet/Flexlm license server installation package and executables (LINUX) : Flexlm Pixyz installer


Unzip this archive on the server and run

Current version used by Pixyz is 11.16.4

Check server status

Use the command prompt and go to the /opt/pixyz (standard) installation folder for Flexnet and: 

username@ : cd /opt/pixyz
username@ : ./lmutil lmstat

The following information regarding lmgrd server & Pixyz vendor daemon should be displayed : PIXYZ : UP

Obtain a license file from Pixyz for Flexnet server 

Once your FLEXNet Server is correctly deployed on your system, you can visit the web page that has been setup during install (the install script will log the URL on your screen)

License server management

Standard installation method: 

Click on “Generate” to download the Flexlm server information. The SERVER,  VM-UUID  and PORT are required to proceed to license activation.

You can find your UUID information by using the following command within your Linux VM terminal sudo dmidecode -t system | grep UUID

License activation from Pixyz web portal

From your Pixyz portal, in the License Management section of your account:

Use the "Floating Licenses" administration tab to create and activate your FlexLM server license including all your entitled Pixyz licenses: 

In case your network is secured by custom firewall settings, please specify two port numbers to be used: 
- Flexnet server : 27000 to 27007
- Pixyz vendor damone: anyone between 2000 & 64990

Once you've downloaded the license file from your Pixyz portal, install it through this same web page on your Linux server (upload the license file with “Select File” and then “Install”).


Connect your Pixyz "clients" and start using your product(s)

Your team can now start using its Pixyz product(s) by using the  License Manager tab to set up the server details. 

See the example below in Pixyz Studio: 

Very similar to Pixyz Studio, Pixyz Plugin for Unity configuration panel can be found in the Unity Editor/Pixyz menu:

In Pixyz Scenario Processor, please use the following  python command: 

core.configureLicenseServer("myServerHostname", 27000, True)

NOTE: Port 27000 is used by default. Specific port numbers can be set up, please refer to the above example: 
- 27000 is the main port being used by Flexlm service to connect with the client (Pixyz software)
- 26999 is the "return" port, used by Pixyz vendor daemon

Do not forget to check that the "FlexLM" setting is turned ON in Pixyz software license manager window, "License server" tab.